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Get Your Truck On A Card

We are gearing up to start choosing trucks to feature on our Series Twenty collector cards edition to be released in 2021 and would really like to take a look at your truck. Attached is an opportunity for you or your company to be featured on one of CAT Scale’s Super Trucks Limited Edition collector cards.

The deadline for submission of photos and the release form is August 31, 2020.

What you can expect from us:

  • You will be notified if your truck is selected.
  • If your truck is selected, we will contact you to conduct a phone interview to clarify any
    questions we may have with regard to your information

Please send photos of your truck and a photo of yourself or your family for the back of the card.

  • Make sure the background is clear of distractions, such as other trucks, unattractive buildings,
    etc. Natural settings work best. We want the focus to be on your truck.
  • Be sure that you are taking the photo on a bright, sunny day. An overcast or gray day will dull
    the appearance of your truck.
  • If using a digital camera, set your camera on the highest pixel setting.
  • If using your phone, make sure you send us the highest resolution file, otherwise it will not print well.
  • Get as much of the truck in the frame as possible without cropping out anything. Since the
    cards are small (business card size), a close-up shot will show off your truck better.
  • If you are sending a professional photo, please be sure to include a release from the
    photographer. These photos are copyrighted and it is illegal to use them without permission.

Download the PDF version of the form here.

Super Trucks Limited Edition Release Form





Truck Specifications:




Top Speed:

Base Price:

Upload Image1:
Upload Image2:

Has this truck been featured on any other trading card(s)?
If yes, what card?


The back of the card will also include a paragraph about you. In the space provided please tell us a little bit about yourself. You may include such things as how you got started driving, how long you've been driving, what you like to do when you're not driving, work done on the truck, etc.

Please tell us about yourself: This material will be used to write the copy for the back of the card. Attach another sheet if you need more room.

Release Statement:

I give CAT Scale Company permission and the right to use above specified truck in their Super Trucks Limited Edition collector cards and all related advertising and promotion of the discussed project without compensation due. I also give my permission to CAT Scale Company to donate Super Trucks Limited Edition collector cards to Iowa 80 Trucking Museum and allow the sale of card sets to help celebrate trucking history. I understand that I will not receive payment of any kind, now or in the future, for my appearance on the cards or as a result of card sales. My signature below denotes that I am duly authorized to execute this agreement.




NOTE: Completion of this form does not guarantee selection for the collector card series due to limited number of cards being printed. You will be notified of selection by CAT Scale Company.