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Fine Reimbursement

While CAT Scale strives to provide the best weighing service possible and be your #1 choice, there are times when problems occur. If you receive an overweight citation after you have weighed legal on a CAT Scale, you are protected by our exclusive Guarantee.

Do the following to get the situation rectified:

  1. Send a brief note of what happened along with the following information to the attention of the Guarantee Department, use the Walcott, IA address on your CAT Scale Ticket. You may also email them to catscalefines@iowa80group.com. Please send the following information:
    1. Copies of all CAT Scale tickets that pertain to the citation. Copies of everything
      that you received from the state. Make sure you include the amount of the citation. Your return address, (if not enclosed we will send all correspondence to the return
      address on the envelope that we received your information in).
    2. A phone number where you may be reached (If you are on the road give us your
      spouse or dispatcher’s number).

    All of the above items are needed to process your Guarantee claim in a timely manner, if we do not receive this information it will slow down processing of your claim.

    Once we receive your information it will be processed the day we receive it, and a response will be sent to you. If we reimburse the amount of the citation, a check will be sent directly to you our customer. We do not pay the government agency that issued the citation. That way there is no confusion and you know the situation has been rectified.

  2. You should hear back from us within 14 days, if not call (877) CAT-SCALE, use extension 5270 for Becky Holst or extension 5216 for Heather DeBaillie. They are available between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. central time Monday through Friday. You can also call if you have any questions.
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