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What People are saying...

Thank you so much for your prompt attention to paying my ticket. It is refreshing to see a company doing what it says without any hidden if, ands or buts.

Donna Reeves

Safety and compliance are critical in today’s competitive market. CAT Scales are easily accessible and guaranteed accurate. Our drivers rely on CAT Scales to help deliver on our promise of Quality and Dependability… all across America!

Chris Hummer – Don Hummer Trucking

CAT Scale’s always been there when I needed them. I got a big ticket in Maryland – $16,371! CAT Scale had my back. They represented me in court, and I didn’t have to pay a thing. When in doubt scale it out on a CAT.

George – Alma, Georgia

I weighed in Indio, California and I got to the Arizona line and he told me I weighed 60,000 lbs on my trailer. The fine was $5000. I weighed on CAT Scale and I knew I was legal so I wasn’t worried about it. I called CAT and they never flinched. CAT was in my corner – they defended me. It’s not just advertisement. When they say they’ve got your back, it’s true. You can depend on it.

Ben from Texas

I was very surprised and happy to find that you barely had paid the fine and the check arrived to me with in a couple of days. It’s nice to see a company that adheres to its word. Thank you!

Charles Mason – Springfield, FL

It is never too late to say Thank You. So I say Thank You for living up to your guarantee and sending a check for the fine I received in Missouri back in July. I will continue to use only CAT Scale!

James Vaughn – Charlotte, NC

I weighed a load of steel at a CAT Scale in South Bend, Indiana, crossed the scales in Chicago – no problem. I got to Springfield scales and he said I was overweight. I was out $1480. I was prepared to go to court, but CAT Scale got me my money back and I was definitely very impressed. I would tell other drivers to scale at CAT Scale because they have your back. They stand by their word and I’m living proof of it.

Kim – Indiana

CAT Scale, I would like to personally thank you for the reimbursement on our citation and reordered          permit. It’s always a pleasure working with someone that stands behind their work and has a quick turnaround time. Thanks again.

Nicholas Baldus – Valley Transportation Service

I weighed on a CAT Scale in Pennsylvania; got down to Texas and they wrote me a $455 ticket. I proved them wrong, but they wouldn’t listen to me. We got ahold of CAT Scale and they took care of it – paid the whole $455. CAT Scale backed me up. I’ll go back to CAT Scale; no doubt about it!

Rocky – Kentucky

For several years we have used CAT Scale and they have done a great job for our company and for our drivers. With over 4,000 trucks on the road, we need somebody we can trust and that is CAT Scale. They have your back.

Sherri, Prime, Inc. – Missouri

I avoided CAT Scales when I first started driving. But as I became more experienced, I use them almost exclusively. A CAT Scale receipt is trusted and respected by shippers, receivers and law enforcement. Your professionalism helps me to provide better service to our customers, safely and efficiently. The CAT Scale Cards are an interesting conversation starter at home!

Sid Sjoquist – Wapheton, ND

Thank you for helping me and standing by your word that you would compensate any drivers who have had problems with overweight tickets at any of your locations throughout the United States.

I received a ticket at the state scale in Grapevine, CA. Since you stand by your word that you will compensate me the cost of the ticket I received.

I was able to pay off this ticket in a timely manner and clear my driving record quickly to avoid any future legal issues in the State of California. Thank you again for your help and because of this recent situation, you “Covered My Rear.”

I will continue to use your scales and be one very appreciative and thankful customer of CAT Scale.

Steve Mears – Port Orchard, WA

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