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Where Do We Go from Here?

By Jen Broders

For the past 45 years, CAT Scale has been helping truckers by providing them with a way to accurately weigh their loads and provided them with a guarantee they could take to the bank, or to court if necessary.

The Moon family has spent those 45 years with drivers in mind: What do they need? How can we provide it? How can we make improvements to help our customers and make their lives a little easier, and maybe even save them some money?

“New technology,” Dick Chernick, Retired VP of Truckomat, emphasized. “New technology and new ways of serving our customers. That’s the future of CAT Scale.”

Will Moon, President of Iowa 80 Group, agrees.

For the past four years, truckers have been able to use the newest technology tool offered by CAT Scale: the Weigh My Truck app. Developed and tested by CAT Scale, the app was created to help drivers save time and money. Moon explained the how and why.

“Drivers get paid by the mile, not the hour. When weighing their loads, finding a place to park, getting out of the truck to get the scale ticket, all of that takes time. Using the Weigh My Truck app app can mean the difference between five minutes and 25 minutes for a driver.”

The Weigh My Truck app allows drivers to use their smartphones or tablets to get their truck weighed and provides them with a PDF of the scale ticket on their phones that is legal and guaranteed, and they never have to leave their truck. And for a driver, time is definitely money. And saving drivers time and money is part of the customer service model that has made CAT Scale successful for the past 45 years. And for the next 45?

“We can’t sit still,” Moon says. “We have to keep making changes and improvements. This app revolutionizes what we’re doing.”

CAT Scale has certainly come a long way in 45 years. From that first guaranteed scale at South Holland to the Weigh My Truck app, CAT Scale has changed and developed a lot over the past four and a half decades. And everyone at CAT Scale is constantly working to make sure the business continues to keep moving forward for the next 45 years.